Welcome to HammondsPlains.ca

During 2014, the non profit society Hammonds Plains Community Centre will be working to build a strong, unified voice for residents, businesses and organizations in Hammonds Plains. You can help!  Please get in touch and volunteer with us!

Community Centre

Next Board Meeting - May 22, 2014 at 7pm

Learn more about the Hammonds Plains Community Center and its association.

Have questions about what we do? Services we offer? How you can be involved?

Please join us at one of our board Meetings.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to HammondsPlains.ca

  1. I love the idea of a Farmers Market here in HP, in addition to Rob’s, which I love too. But I thought it’s going to be held in the HP Fire Hall.The photo above looks like the HP Fire Hall. The new CPA/Community Center on HP Rd is called the Bedford Hammonds Plains Community Center on all the publications I’ve seen. I’m confused, is the Farmer’s marked at the HP Fire Hall or HP Community Center?

    • Hi Sarah, thanks so much for your comment. The Hammonds Plains Fire Hall Community Centre located at 2041 Hammonds Plains Rd, aka the HP Fire Hall, has been speaking with the HRM Councillor about the name confusion with the new CPA/Bedford/Hammonds Plains Community Centre. The Farmers’ Market will be located at 2041 Hammonds Plains Rd, on the corner of Glen Arbour & Hammonds Plains Road. We look forward to seeing you there on Thursday, Nov 7th!

  2. I am trying to contact a person who has a jukebox selling business in Hammonds Plains. Can anyone help me with this? I see an item on EBay that he has listed…

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